3 elements of industrial aluminum profile protective cover customization

by:Zeyi     2021-07-13
The industrial aluminum profile profile protective cover is a protective barrier made of profiles and plates for the periphery of the equipment, which can prevent dust and silence. Because of its use of aluminum customized protective cover, it is easy to disassemble, beautiful and durable, economical, and is used in many production industries. Here I will talk to you about the 3 elements of industrial aluminum profile protective cover customization, and hope to help friends who are new to this type of profile protective cover. Element 1: Size The size of the protective cover can be customized according to requirements. Because the protective cover is mostly used in the periphery of mechanical equipment, it has higher requirements for dimensional accuracy error. The outer cover of large equipment is generally designed as a floor type, so there are higher requirements for the placement and style of the protective cover. Element 2: The load-bearing requirements of the industrial aluminum profile profile protective cover are at a medium level. In the industry, 4040 series aluminum profiles and 4080 series aluminum profiles are used to make the profile column part of the protective cover. The bearing capacity of these two types of aluminum materials is mostly around 1500KG-2000KG, which can meet the load-bearing requirements of most protective covers. 3030 series aluminum profiles can also be used for those with smaller load-bearing requirements. Regarding the selection of accessories, the built-in connection accessories are generally used, which will not affect the installation of the board behind, and is invisible and beautiful. Element 3: Install the aluminum profile protective cover used for the main equipment or the periphery of the equipment. When installing, follow the principle of fastening and durability, because some equipment will vibrate during the production process, and continuous vibration may loosen the connection. Therefore, the connection part of the protective cover should be maintained and inspected regularly. Metal is a professional manufacturer of customized industrial aluminum profile profile protective covers and equipment hoods. The protective cover of multi-specification aluminum profile equipment can be customized according to needs, drawings can be drawn, assembled and shipped, and there are many processing cases, welcome to consult!
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