3 operations for bending of aluminum profile

by:Zeyi     2021-09-18
Nowadays, the application fields of aluminum materials are becoming wider and wider, but at the same time, the requirements for processing of industrial aluminum profiles are getting higher and higher. When processing aluminum profiles, there should be no depressions or bubbles on the surface of the profiles, and no bending or bending can occur. Once this happens, these materials can only be recast in the furnace. Which situation may cause the material to bend when processing aluminum profiles? 1. Extrusion and straightening: straightening is the most serious part of the bending of industrial aluminum profile profiles. Straightening workers must pay attention to the amount of force used for straightening. If the force is too large, the profile may be deformed, if the force is too small, the profile will not be straightened, resulting in bending. 2. Extrusion and framing: The key is often black and white. After sawing the length of the aluminum profile, the aluminum profile must be framed. This fashion framing must be meticulous. Generally speaking, large materials and materials with tubes, Raising the two ends of the frame is not easy to cause bending, but the material pulled out of the small material quiet surface mold will easily cause bending when lifting the two ends. At this time, the two ends should be moved closer to the center to lift the material and frame. 3. Putting on the shelf: After the aging of the billet, the hardness has reached the standard, the aluminum profile is not so easy to bend, but when it is put on the shelf, it should be meticulous. When lifting the material at both ends, avoid big bumps. The big bumps will also cause a certain amount of aging aluminum profile的flexion. : The above mentioned are the three phenomena that easily cause aluminum profiles to bend. When we produce aluminum profiles, we must strictly produce them according to the production scale and pay more attention to details.
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