5 factors that cause the surface roughness of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-08-31
As the saying goes, 'good goods do not have low prices, low prices do not have good goods'. If you are greedy for cheap prices and buy industrial aluminum profile profiles, then you have to think about its quality. Generally, cheap aluminum has a dull color. , The surface of aluminum is not smooth, and there will be different degrees of defects on the surface. What are the reasons for the defects of this shoe? 1. When producing aluminum, the proportion of raw materials added is uneven. 2. In order to reduce production costs, Add a large amount of waste aluminum to 3, the copper content in the bath is too high, the surface of the produced profile will form a layer of metallic copper color, resulting in dull color 4. In the production, the acid content of the bath is too high, and it is not taken in time. Aluminium material, the surface of the aluminum material has been subjected to acid corrosion for a long time. 5. Workers’ improper operation caused the aluminum profile to deform during the production process. The above 5 points are the reasons why the surface of the aluminum material is rough. The processing plant is in The process of producing profiles is strictly controlled, and the materials are all passed quality inspections when they leave the factory.
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