5 reasons affecting the quality of industrial aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-08-19
The unqualified aluminum alloy profile is mainly caused by man-made. The editor will talk to everyone about the 5 reasons that affect the quality of industrial aluminum profile profile as follows:   1, cutting corners. In order to achieve the purpose of reducing costs, manufacturers cut corners in the production process, or use unqualified molds, which directly cause the wall thickness of the aluminum alloy profile to be stressed.  2, the control is not strict. Due to the manufacturer's lax control of materials and materials, the content of chemical elements in the raw materials does not meet the required content requirements, or impurities are mixed in when the raw materials are used to stop processing, resulting in the production of aluminum alloy profiles that have seriously exceeded the chemical element content.   3. The measurement is not timely. When the aluminum alloy profile coating process was stopped, the concentration of the solution used did not stop the preparation according to the requirements of the rules, and the measurement of the solution concentration was not timely and accurate, and the oxide film formed was thinner and could not reach the standard thickness.   4. Mixed raw materials. Nowadays, many companies have not yet established the understanding of relying on quality to compete for the market. Although most companies have the ability to produce qualified products, some companies have adopted the means of shortening the oxidation time or in order to reduce costs and participate in market competition at low prices. The raw materials are mixed with recycled aluminum or hetero-aluminum with different compositions.  5, play mystery. Because consumers and distributors use weight as the basis for settlement, while distributors, users, and consumers use area as the basis for settlement, it is not uncommon to make big fuss on the issue of wall thickness.
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