A new type of electroplating method for industrial aluminum

by:Zeyi     2021-04-22
has a more practical electroplating method called zinc replacement method or accumulation method. The reason is that the bonding force of the plating layer formed by the surface treatment of aluminum material and the electrolysis of aluminum alloy in the electrolyte is unstable, so the plating layer is deposited in the aqueous solution containing zinc oxide compound before electrolysis. Pre-plating treatment is the first process in the aluminum surface treatment and aluminum alloy electroplating industrial process. Its purpose is to remove the grease on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloy, which naturally constitutes oxide film and dirt. Before plating, it is electroplating and post-plating treatment. The conventional general process flow is: degreasing-washing-corrosion reduction-washing-pickling-washing-activation-washing-primary dipping-washing-dezincing-washing-secondary dipping-washing-neutral nickel plating-washing- Subsequent electroplating. The new process of electroplating is due to the above-mentioned deficiencies in the traditional pretreatment of industrial aluminum profile. Therefore, the new process combines the special physical properties of aluminum alloy itself, and on this basis, it is functionally modified. The specific improvements are as follows: 1 . The process of the process is short, the time is shortened, and the efficiency is increased. 2. The first use of alkaline activation instead of acidic activation process to completely remove the residual silicon and silica gel on the surface of the alloy during the pre-treatment process of plating, which can effectively improve the adhesion of the coating. 3. In order to prevent the oxide layer from being exposed to the air after being washed with water and then zinc dipped for the second time after acid activation, the zinc can be dipped directly without washing after alkaline activation. 4. Only a brief dip of zinc is required. 5. The process has strong versatility and is suitable for all industrial aluminum profile electroplating pretreatment. 6. After a lot of practice, it is concluded that the new aluminum alloy after the process is very stable. 7. The use of aluminum oxide power supply can speed up the filming speed, shorten the filming time, save resources, save money and efficient————The article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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