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by:Zeyi     2021-09-19
I believe you will not be unfamiliar with aluminum accessories. The connection and fixing of the frame cannot be separated from the use of accessories. As the main method of connecting aluminum profiles, accessories adopt a modular method, which is simple and convenient to assemble. So how much do you know about aluminum fittings? Let's explain to you those knowledge about fittings. 1. Is there a model for aluminum profile accessories? How to choose? Aluminium profile accessories have corresponding models, and these models are classified according to aluminum profile models, which is convenient for everyone to buy. For example, 30 series and 40 series profiles, the selected accessory model is 30.40.2. Can aluminum profile accessories be customized? Aluminum profile accessories can be customized. Of course, this is something that aluminum profile manufacturers can do. Customized aluminum profile accessories are available If required, small batches will not be made. Plastic materials are not made, only aluminum alloy materials will be accepted. Like the corner pieces, the bracket is processed from corner aluminum, and the holes on the end connecting plate are processed according to the specifications of the profile used. 3. Is the price of aluminum fittings expensive? The price of the fittings is very cheap, and the price difference is also very big, ranging from a few hairs to a few dozen. Moreover, the retail price and the bulk price are also different, so the specific price can be discussed with the profile manufacturer. Like custom frames, profile manufacturers will send a few more to prevent damage. Of course, you have to buy accessories, and the price of the source manufacturer is very reasonable. The above is the introduction of the relevant content of 'aluminum profile accessories'. If you have any questions about industrial aluminum profile profiles, you can directly consult the online customer service. Metal has focused on the customization and processing of industrial aluminum profile profiles for 16 years, with quality assurance, source manufacturers, and reasonable prices!
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