Acid Wastewater Treatment Technology for Aluminum Profile Consumption

by:Zeyi     2021-10-15
The acidic wastewater consumed by aluminum profiles mainly comes from the acid etching process, neutralization, oxidation process, spray pre-treatment, degreasing, pickling and other processes in the oxidation workshop, which is rich in various harmful substances or heavy metal salts. The mass fraction of acid is very different, the low is less than 1%, and the high is greater than 10%. Alkaline wastewater mainly comes from processes such as alkaline corrosion in the oxidation workshop, spray pre-treatment and alkaline washing. The mass fraction of alkali is higher than 5%, and some lower than 1%. Spraying and dyeing also produce waste water. In addition to being rich in acids and alkalis, wastewater is often rich in oils, paints, fluoride salts, and other inorganic and organic substances. Acid-base wastewater is highly corrosive and needs to be properly managed before it can be discharged. The general principles of acid-base wastewater management are: ①High-concentration acid-base wastewater should be recycled and used first. According to water quality, water volume and different technical requirements, try to reuse it as much as possible: if repeated use is difficult, or the concentration is low, the water volume is large A concentrated method can be used to recover acid and alkali. ②The low-concentration acid-base wastewater, such as the cleaning water of the pickling tank and the rinsing water of the alkali washing tank, should be neutralized and disposed of. Regarding neutralization and disposal, the principle of treating waste with waste should be considered first and foremost. For example, acid and alkali wastewater are neutralized with each other, or the use of waste alkali (slag) to neutralize acidic wastewater, and the use of waste acid to neutralize alkaline wastewater. In the absence of these conditions, neutralizers can be used for disposal.
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