Advantages of aluminum profile clean room

by:Zeyi     2021-05-27
Aluminum profile clean rooms are mainly used in industrial production lines for precision instruments or safety production lines with special production requirements. The production line has strict requirements for the production environment to avoid residual products caused by dust or debris and cause unnecessary losses to the enterprise. Clean room requirements The tightness is very high, avoiding the ingress of dust. So what are the advantages of the aluminum profile clean room? The advantages of the aluminum profile clean room: 1: tightness: clean room partitions for dust-free cars have very strict requirements for partition sealing, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the clean room. If the sealing is insufficient It will lose the function of dust-free protection. The design effect can be quickly realized by using aluminum profile combined with plexiglass and sealing groove; 2: Convenience: make full use of the special product structure of industrial aluminum profile profile to modularize and simplify complex structures , Use simple operating tools to realize the rapid construction of the dust-proof room and meet the final use requirements; 3: Functionality: The dust-proof room or the dust-free car partition will realize a variety of functions according to the use environment and customer needs, such as track installation , Electric doors, wiring systems, etc., can give full play to the advantages of industrial aluminum profile profile products, combined with standardized connection accessories to achieve rapid installation, and achieve end-use requirements; improve factory project construction for many companies, assembly of aluminum profile workbench related accessories, and professional customized automation Equipment rack, customized processing industrial aluminum profile as one of the automation services, skilled skills, stable delivery, welcome to consult!
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