Advantages of curtain wall aluminum veneer

by:Zeyi     2021-11-14
1. Thermal insulation is very common in engineering decoration. Traditional materials are difficult to meet at one time. The aluminum veneer curtain wall can be punched and installed with absorbent cotton to meet the needs of sound insulation and thermal insulation. After testing, the thermal insulation performance of our products in practical applications, the indoor temperature difference of 7 degrees in ordinary installations, while the south is very hot in summer and the north is cold in winter, this building material is one of the best decorative materials. This product relies on its excellent heat insulation function. In addition to wall installations, it can be used for long-term use on balconies, sun rooms, top floors of villas, and curtain wall decoration lights. It is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly decoration material advocated by the country. Second, the sound insulation effect is good. After testing, the sound insulation of aluminum veneer products is as high as 29-32 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound insulation effect of a solid brick wall. It can be used in bedrooms, studies and other rest places to deal with noise problems. In infrastructure projects, it is often used as an airport noise barrier to effectively deal with the impact of traffic noise on residents. 3. Fire protection As the government's awareness of fire safety in public places and related laws and regulations have made progress from time to time, the classification of the extinguishing performance of building materials by construction contractors is often a headache. It is difficult for ordinary materials to meet the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, beauty and durability. The aluminum veneer curtain wall is made of metal, which is one of the natural fireproof building materials. After testing, the fire rating of aluminum panels is as high as A2, and the melting point is as high as 660 degrees. It is one of the excellent fire-resistant building materials. Many projects concerning aluminum veneers and various high-quality decorative building materials do not need to extinguish the performance level identification authorization letter, and can directly enter the site for construction . 4. Moisture-proof, rust-proof and anti-corrosion aluminum veneer is much better than steel in this respect. It has the effect of wood but is not as susceptible to moisture, thermal expansion and contraction and cracking. In the southern part of the rainy season, the air humidity is large, and the information is easy. Moisture and mildew, the most suitable installation of aluminum curtain wall ceiling, so that the data can be used for a long time after construction, and there is no worries about the future. 5. High strength and no deformation Use high-quality high-strength anti-rust alloy aluminum plate as the base material, processed by cutting, punching, carving, bending and welding. In order to ensure that the board surface is not deformed, reinforcing ribs can be installed on the back, the sheet metal is formed thick, and it must be shaped and processed to greatly increase the rigidity and hardness. It can be used in various wall decorations and other places. 6. Convenient construction When designing the express, the frame design is adopted, which not only increases the strength of the board surface, but also installs the corner code at the bending frame to stop the construction and fix it. It greatly solves the cumbersome problem of other decoration materials installation. It can be installed without a professional construction master. It can be installed directly on the rough wall or ceramic tile, and it can also be used for innovative renovation of old buildings, saving time, effort and trouble. 7. Green and environmental protection can be recycled. Today's society has increasingly high requirements for green, environmental protection and safety. Therefore, traditional building materials are eliminated in many places. In particular, many owners are allergic to chemical gases such as paint and formaldehyde, and the materials cannot be recycled and used. The aluminum veneer is a metal building material, and its environmentally friendly recycling application is one of its fundamental characteristics, and there is no hidden danger to the owners caused by the above-mentioned harmful gases. Really achieve zero formaldehyde, zero radiation, no need to disperse the smell, ready to install and live, greatly earlier the move-in or closing time. 8. Various colors. Color cards are an important bridge connecting customers and manufacturers. Some use RAL color cards and other international color cards. Generally speaking, only the international color card number is confirmed, the manufacturer can stop the color adjustment and adjust Until you are satisfied. In addition to color baking varnish, it can also stop the transfer of wood grain, stone grain, blue and white porcelain and other textures, so that the color of the board surface is gorgeous and dazzling, and it is durable for ten years. 9. Lightweight materials. Aluminum is lighter than glass, stone, steel and other traditional curtain walls. Lightness means easy construction. It also has lower requirements for wall keel steel frame and curtain wall load-bearing. It does not have the cumbersome defects of traditional materials and is very suitable for old building innovation. Transformation.
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