Advantages of linear motor module profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-04-24
Linear motor modules can be divided into three types according to different drive components: belt-type linear modules, ball screw-type linear modules and linear motor modules. Belt linear module components include belts, linear guides, aluminum alloy profiles, motors, photoelectric switches, etc. Ball screw linear components include ball screws, linear guides, aluminum alloy profiles, ball screw supports, couplings, motors, photoelectric switches, etc. The linear motor module is composed of aluminum alloy profile, slider, actuator, stator, grating ruler, Hall sensor, linear guide rail, etc. Below we give you a brief introduction to the aluminum alloy profile of the linear motor module. The advantages of using linear motor module profiles are as follows: 1. This series of aluminum profiles has a wide range of varieties, complete specifications, moderate prices, and a wide range of applications. 2. Light unit weight, good mechanical performance, high connection strength and large carrying capacity. 3. Size specifications, strict tolerances, beautiful appearance, good finish and corrosion resistance. 4. Special purpose, no welding, more environmentally friendly, and easy to install, disassemble, carry and move. The above is the introduction of 'Advantages of Linear Motor Module Profiles'. If you have any questions, please contact us!
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