Aluminum alloy cabinets are mostly used for home furnishing

by:Zeyi     2021-07-22
Aluminum alloy cabinets have waterproof performance in the world of cabinets, so they are all favored by the public. With the continuous development of society, humidity has always been the characteristic of our country’s weather. Common cabinets use particle board, while brand cabinets use moisture-proof particle board, but moisture is always permeable. Ordinary cabinets will rot and deform in about five years. Therefore, the traditional The wooden custom-made cabinets have begun to decline. The emerging aluminum alloy cabinets with waterproof performance are becoming more and more popular. The aluminum alloy cabinet is a cabinet body assembled from an aluminum alloy and quartz stone slabs. It is a fixed combination of aluminum alloy as the main column and edge banding, quartz stone as the four-sided plate and ABS plastic as the connector to solve the corners. Problem, L-shaped connection problem. Each of the aluminum alloy cabinets has different functions and different styles, which are deeply loved by people. The independent cabinet placement can not only maximize the use of space, but also combine aluminum alloy cabinets to form a multifunctional cabinet. The workmanship is exquisite and durable, and it is easy to disassemble and assemble. The most important thing is the fireproof and waterproof performance, which is mostly used in household. In recent years, indoor formaldehyde exceeding the standard has occurred frequently, reminding people from time to time of the concept of green health supremacy. The aluminum alloy cabinets are made of aluminum and formaldehyde-free and have unparalleled advantages in waterproofness. They do not breed bacteria, are moisture-proof and dry. Moldy and never deformed. Compared with the traditional wooden custom-made cabinets, the overall aluminum alloy cabinets are more expensive than traditional wooden cabinets, and are more suitable for the development and demand of the modern cabinet market because of their complicated installation and different amounts of formaldehyde. In the industrial age, the panels are all made of glued materials. For users who are increasingly pursuing environmental protection, they have not met the requirements. Especially the panel cabinets themselves, because of material problems, produce free toxic gases such as formaldehyde, which directly pollute food. This is the first and the second. Mainly plate cabinets are plagued by damp kitchens, which will give off a musty odor. As a result, more and more users begin to miss the cement tile cabinets we once discarded before.  The cabinet is actually a cooking tool after being used for a certain period of time. Most consumers who care about the appearance of cabinets are basically consumers who are buying a house for the first time. The first feeling is the color of the outside of the cabinet and the color of the countertop, while ignoring the environmental protection and materials of the cabinet itself. People who cook for a long time cannot make the cabinet 100% water-free. As long as it is dipped in water, the conventional solid wood particle board will become moldy, foam, and deform until it is replaced. This is the problem of the cabinet itself, not the cause of the smell of things you put in the cabinet. All-aluminum aluminum alloy cabinets do not have the problem of damp, mildew and smelly.
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