Aluminum baseboard installation and tools

by:Zeyi     2022-01-03
The aluminum baseboard is equipped with special yin and yang corner fittings and fixing parts.     1. Observe whether the corner floor and wall surface are flat. Use a spatula to flatten the uneven ones and then clean them up. Otherwise, the skirting will bend and not completely adhere to the wall, leaving unsightly gaps.     2. After sawing a section of 15 cm long aluminum alloy skirting, clip the buckle to the card slot on the back, leaning against the wall and mark the buckle removal hole.     Before drilling, observe the direction of the water and electricity wiring to prevent errors. The interval between drilling holes should not be too large, generally around 40cm is more appropriate.     Use a special tool to drill a hole in the wall, and then use a plastic pin to nail into the newly punched hole. Fix the buckle to the wall with screws. 3. The protruding corner of the wall is called a positive corner, and the recessed corner is called a negative corner. To install the yin and yang corners is to use the yin and yang corners to draw the fixed point position on the wall, then take the holes, nail the plastic, and then fix the yin and yang corners on the wall corner with screws.     Note: Since the pipes of the hydropower project are buried on the wall, the location of the pipe is directly below the switch socket. When drilling the hole, you must calculate the location to avoid damage.     4. Finally, use a tape measure to measure the size and distance of each segment, cut out the corresponding size with a cutting machine, and clip it to the corresponding buckle. The length of each aluminum baseboard is 3 meters. When the wall length exceeds the length of the baseboard, a fastener must be installed in the middle of the interface to ensure the smoothness of the baseboard.     skirting must be completely close to the wall, leaving no gaps, to be more beautiful, especially the corners. The flatness of the wall should be tested before installation.     decoration pay attention to      The maximum gap between the skirting line and the floor should be less than 3mm. Use a 1 yuan coin to plug it. If more than two are inserted, the gap may be too large. Before paving the foot line, shovel the wall with white cement, and then pave the foot line. After paving, pay attention to protect the foot line to prevent a large amount of paint from sticking to the surface of the foot line during painting or spraying. Come down. It is recommended that after shoveling away the cement, the paving position should be painted with a mixture of glue 107 and cement, and then tiled, so that the tiles can be firmer.    The scale ratio between the skirting line and the room size:     A good home decoration design must have an appropriate scale and proportion, such as large rooms with large furniture, small rooms with small, moderately proportioned furniture. Do not hang ceilings below 2.5 meters in height, otherwise the space scale will be depressed and people's daily life will be more depressing. The ratio between the height of the skirting line and the space scale is also very large, the height of the space is 2.8, the skirting line is 150mm high, if the space is less than 2.5m, the skirting line is 100mm high. The degree of sensitivity to scale and proportion in home improvement is learned from practical experience. Its perceptual understanding is stronger than rational understanding. This is obvious to all. There are thousands of examples of improper scale in home improvement. As long as we bring a wealthy The eyes of experience will perceive them one by one. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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