Aluminum companies seize the market for high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows

by:Zeyi     2021-08-21
For a long time, the door and window industry has low barriers to entry, and there are a lot of homogenized and counterfeit products, leading to a series of problems such as market chaos and disorderly competition, which have seriously affected the development of the door and window industry. According to industry insiders, industry transformation is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity for enterprises to expand and develop and distributors to expand the market. Then enterprises must understand the direction of transformation to make a successful transformation.   At present, the aluminum profile market of Broken Bridge is undergoing a major test, the market is relatively sluggish, and business is difficult to do. This situation is forcing broken bridge aluminum profile companies to develop new technologies, and Guangdong aluminum profile is no exception. Many broken bridge aluminum profiles have begun to undergo transformation, transforming from a large electricity consumer to an energy-saving enterprise. In recent years, the aluminum profile market has shown three trends: one is that relatively weak companies are being eliminated or will soon be eliminated; the other is that companies with a certain strength, facing the slowly shrinking market share, either do not know or are at a loss ; And some companies with ideas, ideas, and brands, in a harsh environment, go against the current, and sales continue to rise.  Broken bridge aluminum profile is an alternative to the traditional profile, which has the functions of energy saving, noise prevention, sound insulation, dustproof and waterproof. Broken bridge aluminum profiles will not produce harmful substances during the production process, and all materials can be recycled, which is a green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving product. At the same time, the broken bridge aluminum profile has also become an important energy-saving product in western developed countries. It has a century-old development history, strong technical force, and standardized production processes are already in place. It will definitely become an important aluminum profile product for future development. Recently, the green energy-saving and environmentally-friendly buildings promoted by the government provide a broad development space for the development of broken bridge aluminum profiles.  According to the statistics of China Construction Metal Structure Association, in my country's construction door and window product market, aluminum doors and windows account for the largest proportion, exceeding 55%.  Aluminum alloy doors and windows have the characteristics of good sealing, durability, etc., integrating function, modern aesthetics and comfort. The biggest advantage of its popularity may be its beautiful appearance, which is in line with the 80s and 90s' pursuit of fashion and individuality. An aluminum alloy dealer revealed that there are more and more young people buying aluminum alloy doors and windows. Generally, the decoration of wedding rooms and large rooms has relatively high requirements. And I prefer diversified materials and innovative design techniques. Huang Qi, director of the Aluminum Door and Window Curtain Wall Committee of the China Construction Metal Structure Association, pointed out that the development of aluminum alloy doors and windows products has a long time and a wide range. Although it has been questioned by ordinary people, due to economic constraints, aluminum alloy doors and windows are still their first choice among a considerable number of consumers.  Intelligent energy saving is a development trend  From the perspective of international exhibitions such as the Milan Exhibition, or from the perspective of many domestic exhibitions, intelligence, environmental protection and energy saving are definitely the theme of the exhibition. With the implementation of green building and other policies, environmental protection and energy conservation will inevitably become the theme of doors and windows. Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly architectural aluminum materials are also being favored by developers of high-end doors and windows.
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