Aluminum company Nuggets transportation 'lightweight' blue ocean

by:Zeyi     2021-09-17
In recent years, the growth rate of the use of traditional building materials in real estate has slowed down. Therefore, the aluminum industry is also seeking new profit growth points in the transportation field. At the same time, data reveals the prospects of this industry. The demand for automotive aluminum panels will be in the next 5 years. The compound growth rate will exceed 25%. Let the aluminum, which was originally mainly used in construction and real estate, find a new blue ocean in the lightweight transportation market represented by new energy vehicles.   In addition to being widely used in the traditional transportation field, new energy vehicles including Tesla also want to put on a lightweight coat; in the face of the huge market pie, some domestic industrial aluminum profile processing equipment companies are also eager to try. However, many people in the industry said that although aluminum has great potential for lightweight development, it still faces high prices, lack of standard profile libraries, technical standards to be improved, large gaps in domestic and foreign design concepts, and imperfect development of integrated material development and application. The problem.   In this regard, if the upstream and downstream related industries of aluminum materials can truly cooperate with each other, the integration of information and demand in various links will be accelerated, which will be an effective promotion for the development of the aluminum industry chain. Demand shifting promotes the transformation of enterprises. The downstream demand of the aluminum industry mainly comes from construction and real estate, electronic power and transportation. According to statistics, in 2015, the above three areas accounted for 33%, 14% and 12% of primary aluminum consumption, respectively. Derivative aluminum alloy is the second largest basic material industry after steel.  As the real estate industry has fallen into a downturn, the demand for aluminum in construction has gradually shrunk. In transportation fields such as automobiles, aviation, ships, and rail, aluminum products are becoming a new favorite. According to statistics: the compound annual growth rate of automotive aluminum sheet demand in the next five years will exceed 25%. By 2020, global demand will reach 2.5 million tons, and China will reach about 300,000 tons.   Today, the growth rate of the use of traditional building materials in real estate is slowing down and becoming saturated. Therefore, the layout of lightweight traffic is also an effective measure for aluminum to seek new profit growth points. At the same time, the huge market cake also drives aluminum companies to accelerate their pace to seize the market and transform and upgrade. In addition to traditional traffic models such as high-speed trains and high-speed trains, aluminum alloy reclining cars with high requirements for welding and bending precision are all unveiled at the Zhongwang factory in China. The relevant person in charge of China Zhongwang said that the complex model requires high pressure grinding and the manufacturing process is very complicated. The current market demand also drives the company to continuously improve the exploration of technology. This is just a microcosm of the lightweight exploration of aluminum enterprises.   Aluminum Corporation of China already has the conditions for the industrialization of aluminum alloy automobile sheets, and the performance of the trial-produced automobile sheets meets the needs of automobile companies. The use of light weight will also affect the actual income of logistics companies. All-aluminum trailers are lighter than steel trailers, and can pull the same weight of goods, reduce fuel consumption, and save 80,000 to 120,000 yuan annually.  Nuggets and blue oceans still need to replenish the manufacturing level  It is worth noting that in addition to the traditional transportation field, the continued popularity of new energy vehicles, including Tesla, has also given aluminum companies see opportunities. Jia Anxiang, project executive director of Chery New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd., said that aluminum alloys used in new energy vehicles can improve efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and save energy and reduce emissions. All-aluminum bodies are one of the development directions of new energy vehicles.   However, although lightweight is a blue ocean with huge prospects, there are still many bottlenecks to be broken through. Although the current development of aluminum alloys has great prospects, it still faces such aspects as the weak manufacturing level, the lack of core technologies and talents in material design, processing, and equipment manufacturing in China, the large gap with foreign design concepts, and the imperfect development of integrated material development and application. The problem. At present, the single-machine consumption of aluminum alloy in the aviation industry has declined, but the performance requirements of aluminum are increasing. A related person in the aviation industry said that in order for China to establish an aviation aluminum alloy system, it also needs to use domestic equipment conditions and industrial technology accumulation to finally realize the domestic independent guarantee of high-end aluminum materials.   Therefore, in addition to the industry's efforts, the development of aluminum also needs policy promotion to further increase the promotion and application of aluminum alloys. The application of aluminum materials involves many aspects and involves a wide range of industries. Therefore, upstream and downstream enterprises, equipment manufacturing enterprises, and deep processing enterprises need to work together to break the problems of information asymmetry, imperfect talents, and technological breakthroughs, to seize the blue ocean and explore an aluminum material. The road of application development in China.
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