Aluminum door and window manufacturers: What is the difference between system doors and windows and ordinary doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2021-10-04
Building energy-saving standards are getting higher and higher, and more and more aluminum alloy doors and windows do not meet energy-saving standards. why? Because you may have used non-system doors and windows. Only a good system of doors and windows can meet higher energy-saving requirements. Regarding the difference between system doors and windows and non-system doors and windows, it is estimated that many people still don't understand. Today, you can learn more about the difference between system doors and windows and ordinary doors and windows! To the extent that it is impossible to make a difference between these two groups. The system door and window system is adopted by the system company, which has made a clear commitment to the performance and quality of the product. Consider a series of important functions such as waterproof, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, sun shading, weather resistance, operating feel, etc., as well as equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, adhesives, seals, etc. The combined effect of performance. According to the requirements of the overall solution, design, produce, install, and achieve the promised performance and quality indicators in actual use. To the extent that it is impossible to make a difference between these two groups. What is the technical configuration difference between system doors and windows and ordinary doors and windows? Europe is the birthplace of system doors and windows, and has a history of nearly 20 years in the Chinese market. Through research, domestic door and window companies have gradually mastered the technology and principles of system doors and windows. The performance and quality of ordinary doors and windows have been improved to a certain extent, but due to market distribution and price restrictions, ordinary doors and windows have not reached the configuration and performance of doors and windows in the European system. Compared with glass curtain walls, glass curtain walls have a variety of main materials, hardware, accessories, tapes, parts and so on. There are dozens of materials for a complete door and window, which can be selected and reduced. This is also the reason why the price gap between similar windows is huge. Through the research of the European system, it is found that the corner connection of the doors and windows of this system adopts special cast aluminum corner coding and hollow stainless steel pin glue. This angle processing includes two special processes: one is expansion tension fixation technology, and the other is glue injection sealing technology. Each cast aluminum corner code consists of two petal aluminum castings. When the stainless steel hollow pin breaks, the two aluminum castings will automatically expand, plus the matching tolerance of the angle pin hole and the special-shaped pin hole, the two 45-degree spliced u200bu200bprofiles are firmly tightened and fixed. After the fixing is completed, the glue should be injected into the angle code through the injection hole of the pin. After the glue injection is completed, the contour is completely sealed with glue spliced u200bu200bat 45 degrees from the inside of the hole. The gap between the angle code and the contour cavity is also completely closed. Sealing tape plays a very important role in the water tightness and air tightness of doors and windows. There is also a big difference between ordinary doors and windows and system doors and windows. Under normal circumstances, the plastic strips and glass pressure of the door and window sashes are often disconnected at the corners, because the thermal expansion and cold contraction bands are separated, and a hole is actually formed, causing the problem of water leakage. The angle of the system doors and windows is continuous, and the break point is in the middle of the upper part where water is most difficult to enter. The thicker strip is difficult to bend 90 degrees, and the L-shaped glue angle connection fundamentally solves the problem of water seepage of the rubber strip.
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