Aluminum doors and windows How do energy-saving system doors and windows achieve energy saving?

by:Zeyi     2021-10-05
Do you know what energy-saving system doors and windows are? Most people think that the use of insulated bridge profiles or the addition of insulating glass are energy-saving system doors and windows. In fact, what is the real energy-saving system doors and windows? The real energy-saving system doors and windows, of course, not only use insulating bridge aluminum profiles or hollow glass energy-saving materials, it is the perfect combination of the system, and all links of the comprehensive effect are indispensable. There are three main factors to measure whether doors and windows are energy-saving, that is, heat convection, heat conduction and heat radiation. Heat flow: Heat loss is the circulating flow of hot and cold air through the gap between doors and windows, and heat exchange is caused by gas convection, which leads to heat loss. Heat conduction: Heat conduction is the heat transfer performed by the molecular motion of the material itself in the doors and windows. It is transferred from one side of the material to the other, resulting in heat loss. Radiation: Radiation is mainly transmitted directly in the form of rays, causing loss of energy consumption. From the above three aspects, in order to achieve energy saving, the following three aspects should be paid attention to: First, the imported system hardware materials are selected for the energy-saving doors and windows of the United States and Europe, and the aluminum insulation profiles of the broken bridge are used to reduce the design of the same side of the doors, windows, car frames, and fans ( Outdoor or indoor) energy consumption, the inner and outer profiles after the doors and windows are installed are connected to each other through the metal hardware accessories, so that the heat around the insulation belt is quickly transferred, and the energy-saving performance of the doors and windows is enhanced. In addition, energy loss is mainly caused by three factors: convolution, conduction and radiation. Glass is mainly due to heat radiation energy loss, so when choosing building door and window glass, in order to ensure the energy saving of the entire building, glass must be selected reasonably. The southern region is a region with hot summer and warm winter, with a long high temperature cycle. When choosing glass, transparent glass with better light cannot be selected, such as low heat reflection, heat reflection coated hollow glass and low E hollow glass. According to the United States and Europe energy-saving doors and windows to meet the needs of different buildings, select the corresponding heat transfer coefficient and shading coefficient glass. Hardware is the heart of doors and windows, not a supporting role. The same is true for doors and windows. The hardware accessories in energy-saving doors and windows play a very important role. They not only play a very important role in the air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance of doors and windows, but also on the safety and other performance of doors and windows. Plays a very important role. The combination of Italian, American and European energy-saving doors and windows with purely imported Italian STORO system hardware adopts a three-sealed structure design to improve watertightness, airtightness, sound insulation and heat insulation performance. It adopts a hidden drainage system that is not affected by wind pressure. The frame fan structure adopts pin glue injection technology, which improves the strength of the structure and bears strong gravity. The screen is hidden and closed, and the overall appearance is maintained when closed. The whole glass adopts the rubber strip assembly process to improve the installation efficiency and installation efficiency. The first few points are the requirements of several groups of door and window components. It is very important to select components reasonably. Correctly combining various components into the system is a complete energy-saving door and window. Therefore, a powerful and experienced door and window assembly factory is also very important. .
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