Aluminum extrusion process

by:Zeyi     2021-05-20
Many customers are unfamiliar with the concept of aluminum extrusion. Simply put, industrial aluminum profiles are materials extruded from aluminum through an extruder according to a die. Whether it is European standard aluminum profile, national standard aluminum profile, or customized profile with mold opening, all are made by aluminum extrusion. In order to better introduce extruded aluminum profile to everyone, let's learn about aluminum extrusion together. Pressure forming process? 1: Choose high-quality raw materials: aluminum rods are made by melting and casting aluminum ingots, which are called industrial aluminum profile profile raw materials; and the raw materials will directly affect the performance of industrial aluminum profile products. 2: Temperature control heating aluminum rod: Too high or too low temperature will directly affect the hardness of the final product, so the temperature must be strictly controlled during the heating and cooling process; 3: Design profile mold: The mold is designed according to the requirements with high Precision specification appliances are used to squeeze profile products of required specifications and cross-sections; 4: profile extrusion: The current extruder standard used for 6063-T5 industrial aluminum profile is 1300 tons-1600 tons, which can meet the requirements. The 6063-T5 series of industrial aluminum profiles are in normal production. 5: Profile straightening correction: After the industrial aluminum profile is extruded, there will be a certain deviation, and the straightening machine should be used for straightening correction after forming. 6: Artificial aging: Generally speaking, the aluminum profiles produced by extrusion must undergo aging to increase their strength. The above is the brief introduction of 'aluminum extrusion molding process'. I believe that after the above introduction, it can be helpful to customers. If you have any questions, please consult!
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