Aluminum for construction, a new field of aluminum application

by:Zeyi     2021-05-17
As we all know, about 20% of the world's total aluminum output is used in the construction industry, and the construction industry in some industrially developed countries accounts for more than 30% of its total output. can not only greatly reduce the weight of the building and save materials, but also reduce the transportation and installation workload of the components, and accelerate the construction progress. The construction industry has always been the largest consumer area of u200bu200baluminum, and the application range of industrial aluminum profile has become more and more extensive, from building maintenance structure, architectural decoration, reticulated shell structure, grid structure, glass curtain wall support system, aluminum workshop, Enclosures, aluminum templates, communication towers, police silver pavilions to pedestrian bridges, etc. Let's follow the editor to do a simple understanding:   1. Aluminum alloy reticulated shell structure and grid structure   Internationally, the maximum span of the dome reticulated shell can reach 131 meters in a single layer and 236.5 meters in a double layer. The U.S. University of Connecticut and the University of Hawaii Arena, Bell Economic Center, Alabama National University 80.77-meter round cover, California Long Beach cover spruce Cooper’s 126.49-meter round cover, etc. The application of aluminum in my country's grid and reticulated shell structure is also gradually increasing. Tianjin Battle of Pingjin Memorial Hall is my country’s first aluminum alloy triangular grid single-layer spherical reticulated shell structure. Its bottom plane diameter is 45.6 meters, the building is 33.83 meters high, the largest spherical diameter is 48.945 meters, and the reticulated shell weighs 34.4 tons, together with the aluminum alloy housing. The total weight of the panel is 58.7 tons. In addition, the main hall of Shanghai International Gymnastics Center, Shanghai Acrobatics Hall, Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone Investment Service Center and other reticulated shells and grid structures are all made of aluminum alloy. 2. The biggest advantage of the all-aluminum prefabricated house is that it is light, easy to install and disassemble, not rusty, and can be used repeatedly, and the aluminum surface is beautiful and clean, which can save interior decoration. It has been widely used as engineering team dormitory, disaster relief room, A kind of temporary courtyards, activity exhibition halls, and upgraded aluminum houses are also used for new rural construction in targeted poverty alleviation, and some are even used to build high-end villas.  3, aluminum template    If the market share of aluminum template reaches 10%, the amount of aluminum used will reach 2 million tons. Compared with steel formwork, the disassembly and installation speed of aluminum formwork is fast, which saves the construction period; although the investment of aluminum formwork is greater than that of steel formwork, the number of repeated use of aluminum formwork is much more than that of steel formwork. The cost is much lower than the template of any material, which has more obvious advantages in the construction of high-rise buildings. The inner wall made of aluminum template is very flat and smooth, which can eliminate the plastering and leveling process, and directly eliminate the common problems of hollow plastering and cracks on the interior wall from the source. Replacing wood templates with aluminum templates can protect forests and trees, which is the general trend of a low-carbon society.  4. Aluminum enclosure board    Compared with traditional materials, aluminum enclosure board has the advantages of light weight, easy processing, corrosion resistance, and beautiful appearance. It has been used in some factories and large buildings in our country. According to statistics from the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, my country consumes approximately 20 to 30 million tons of color steel plates for construction each year. From a theoretical calculation, if all aluminum is used instead, 10 million tons of aluminum can be consumed, which is of great significance for promotion.  5, aluminum alloy tower    foreign aluminum alloy tower structure is mainly suitable for communications, military fields, and monitoring, wireless data transmission and other businesses. The domestic tower construction also began to use aluminum alloy materials, such as the Fuzhou aluminum alloy microwave tower. Because aluminum alloy is far superior to steel in terms of corrosion resistance, and has obvious advantages in wear resistance and heat resistance, in the future, with the continuous expansion of communication coverage, the scope of base stations will gradually expand to coasts, islands, chemical plants, and fertilizer plants. The application of aluminum alloy communication towers will be further expanded in areas with serious pollution and strong corrosiveness.   Encourage the expansion of the application of aluminum in the construction industry in the '13th Five-Year Development Plan for the Non-Ferrous Metal Industry'. From 2011 to 2013, my country achieved an annual export volume of about 3 million tons of aluminum. The quality of high-precision plates, strips and foils, large-scale industrial aluminum materials and other high-end aluminum alloy materials continues to improve. However, there is still a gap between my country’s aluminum industry and the international advanced level. Some high-precision aluminum materials are still lacking. A breakthrough is needed, and there is still a big gap between the application level and the development goal.
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