Aluminum formwork technology is favored by construction units

by:Zeyi     2021-10-02
At present, more and more construction projects in my country are using aluminum formwork technology. This low-carbon, energy-saving, green and environmentally-friendly aluminum template technology has attracted more and more attention. As we all know, high-rise residential buildings are mostly reinforced concrete structures. Building formwork is an indispensable construction material for building construction. The selection of building formwork has a direct impact on project quality, schedule, project cost, construction safety, and environmental protection. . Faced with how to effectively control and improve the quality of the project, deal with the shortage of skilled workers, increase labor costs, and increase the influence of the enterprise, it is a problem that everyone has been paying attention to.   It is in this context, relying on technological innovation to find solutions, and the exploration is quietly proceeding, and aluminum formwork technology is one of these exploration projects. Through investigation and analysis, it is found that aluminum formwork has many advantages such as light weight, corrosion resistance, high strength, long service life, high recycling value, large format, good molding quality, low installation skills requirements, high construction efficiency, and wide application range. Some confusions faced in construction management provide a way out.  According to the use effect of aluminum formwork, it has been promoted in construction projects. Example: The use and promotion of aluminum formwork in Vanke Housing Construction Company.   Various housing construction companies have even promoted the construction of aluminum formwork. The use and promotion of aluminum formwork has promoted the improvement of product quality and embodies the value of technological innovation, which has been favored by engineering and technical personnel and project managers.
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