Aluminum | How does aluminum protect doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2021-07-02
Sliding door aluminum convinces consumers with its series of properties, and sliding doors made of aluminum are more and more popular with consumers. When many families are decorating, among them, the most troublesome aspect is the purchase of aluminum materials, because aluminum materials will affect the life of doors and windows.  Usually, our balconies are equipped with sliding series of aluminum alloy doors and windows, because the balcony is the light tunnel of the hall, and it is also one of the main decorations to highlight the domineering luxury of the hall, in which aluminum plays a key role. Aluminum can mainly help the sliding door structure to prevent wind, water, and noise. How to choose aluminum for balcony sliding door?   The balcony is set up in the lobby to ensure that the lighting in the lobby achieves the desired effect. The editor recommends to choose 43*100 sliding door series, 35*85 sliding door 1.2 series, the color can be matched by the owner; the versatility is relatively high; the aluminum material not only has the sound insulation effect, but also keeps the hall transparent and bright. The installation of aluminum alloy doors and windows needs to be used for more than several decades, so when choosing aluminum, first consider its toughness, and also consider the update speed of the aluminum, that is, the innovation rate of aluminum is high; innovation is frequent, and the aluminum market is constantly combined According to the development data, research and development are carried out according to the actual situation of the aluminum market to accurately meet the needs of customers.   If aluminum alloy doors and windows are invaded by bad weather for a long time, the aluminum material must be windproof, waterproof, corrosion-proof, attack-proof, and heat-insulating.
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