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by:Zeyi     2021-08-01
Aluminum plate refers to a rectangular material with a rectangular cross section and uniform thickness obtained by pressure processing (cutting or sawing) made of aluminum or aluminum alloy materials. The international customary thickness is 0.2mm or more, 500mm or less, 200mm width or more, and less than 16 meters in length is called aluminum plate or aluminum material, aluminum foil less than 0.2mm, 200mm width or less is strip or strip. There are usually several aluminum alloy components:   purity aluminum (rolled with high content of aluminum above 99.9);   pure aluminum (composition, the basic composition of which is rolled aluminum);   aluminum alloy (composed of aluminum and auxiliary alloys, usually It is aluminum-copper, aluminum-manganese, aluminum silicon, magnesium, etc.);    composite material composite or aluminum brazing plate (to obtain special purpose aluminum plate material through various means);    clad aluminum (outer coating aluminum thin aluminum plate for special use).   includes thickness: (unit: mm)    table 0.2-2.0;    regular board 2.0-6.0;    board 6.0-25.0;    thickness 25-200;    thick board 200 or more. Aluminum applications:   1, lighting;   2, solar reflective sheet;   3, elevator, architectural appearance;   4, indoor: ceiling, wall, etc.;   5, furniture, cabinets;   6, signs, nameplates, luggage;   7, car interior and exterior decoration ;  8, interior decoration: frame;   9, household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, etc.;  10, aerospace and military aspects, such as China's large aircraft manufacturing, Shenzhou series spacecraft, satellites, etc.
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