Aluminum Industry|Causes Affecting the Service Life of Aluminum Alloy Profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-31
Aluminum alloy profiles are used in mobile workbenches in the industrial field, assembly line workbenches, industrial equipment protective fences, and door and window curtain wall profiles in the construction field. Starting from the performance and advantages of aluminum alloy profiles, the reason why aluminum alloy profiles are widely used, It is still because the aluminum profile itself has a long service life, is corrosion-resistant, does not deform, and long-term use does not affect its original performance, so this is the basic reason for its high popularity. So, what are the reasons that affect the service life of aluminum alloy profiles?   First, if the quality of the sealing material used in aluminum alloy profiles is too poor, it will be affected. If the production accuracy does not meet the quality requirements, the fit gap is too large, and the parts that need to be assembled after bonding are directly assembled without sealing materials, causing scratches or other substances to easily penetrate into the aluminum profile and the main structure through various assembly gaps. Inside. Second, if it is the door and window profile, such as the waterproof structure design is unreasonable, the waterproof sealing level is not enough, when exposed to the effect of the indoor and outdoor wind pressure, it can easily enter the aluminum profile cavity and enter the room, and then enter the aluminum profile cavity The material or rainwater cannot be smoothly discharged outside through the aluminum profile drainage system, and it will remain in the aluminum profile to cause accumulation of water. For example, the acid rainwater in some areas will oxidize. The third is that the structural strength and rigidity fail to meet the requirements of the wind pressure resistance performance of the place where it is used, causing the aluminum profile to be stressed members, hardware accessories, seals and bonding materials to produce serious plastic deformation under normal wind loads. , Cracking or damage, etc., causing the sealing failure of the aluminum profile body, resulting in exposure and oxidation. If it is the equipment or protective cover of the indoor industrial field, our aluminum alloy profile adopts the surface process oxidation treatment. After the anti-oxidation treatment, the surface of the profile does not need to go through other operations. Of course, the service life is longer. It is used as a protection for the machine. For normal operation or to protect the normal operation of the factory site, the performance advantages of aluminum alloy profiles can not be ignored, and the appearance is beautiful. The machine uses more beautiful aluminum profiles and protective panels to improve the cleanliness and noise prevention of the factory. If the surface treatment process of aluminum alloy profile is not in place, there will be black spots or colorful special appearance on the surface of the profile, which will affect the use of aluminum profile, and the processing technology, such as cold heat treatment to deepen the tensile strength of aluminum profile, etc. , If not treated well, it will also affect the performance of aluminum profiles.
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