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by:Zeyi     2021-07-30
With the improvement of people's living standards, aluminum alloy doors and windows have been widely used. Nowadays, the types of exterior wall finishing materials are becoming more and more abundant, and higher requirements are put forward for the accuracy of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Otherwise, there will be a series of problems such as frame biting, up and down position, inequality between left and right after installation, which will cause hidden quality problems , Lack of function, visually unsightly. The editor will talk to you about the high precision of aluminum profile, the main material of aluminum alloy doors and windows.  Precision is the quantity that reflects the closeness of the measurement result to the true value. It corresponds to the size of the error. Therefore, the size of the error can be used to indicate the level of accuracy. Small errors mean high accuracy, and large errors mean low accuracy.  The precision of aluminum profiles not only affects the production efficiency and assembly accuracy of doors and windows, but also indirectly affects the beauty of doors and windows. Generally, the higher the precision, the better the profile. (Aluminum profiles for doors and windows:)   High-precision embodiment   1, straight-line accuracy. The linear accuracy mainly depends on the extrusion process of the aluminum profile. Generally, a special straightening machine is used to control the straightness of aluminum profiles. There is a standard for measuring the straightness of aluminum profiles in the industry, which is the twisting degree.   According to a W*Lu003d150mm*5000mm profile, according to EU standards, the twisting degree of 150mm wide and 5000mm long is ≤2.5mm. After sampling and testing, the twisting degree of Hehui European standard profile is up to standard (the twisting degree is 0.09 in the figure below).  2, wall thickness accuracy. In the EU standard, the wall thickness accuracy standard is: for profiles with a wall thickness of 1.2-2.0mm, the maximum allowable tolerance is ±0.09. After sampling and testing, Hehui newly launched the European standard profile (the wall thickness tolerance of the test is about 0.01).   3. Cutting accuracy. Cutting accuracy includes length cutting accuracy and cutting angle accuracy. To ensure accuracy, avoid the situation that the length is too long or the angle is wrong during assembly, and the installation cannot be performed. The cutting accuracy is closely related to the straight line accuracy. The higher the straight line accuracy, the higher the cutting accuracy.   4. Assembly accuracy. In the process of assembly, pay attention to the assembly sequence of aluminum profiles, aluminum profile accessories, and plates, and be careful not to install them backwards. The effect of first installation and second installation is different, and the accuracy is naturally different. The level of assembly accuracy depends on the level of linear accuracy and cutting accuracy. The higher the linear accuracy and cutting accuracy, the higher the assembly accuracy.  Whether the precision of the aluminum alloy profile is good, we must first ensure its straight-line precision. The higher the straight-line precision, the higher the cutting precision and the better the assembly precision. They complement each other, and only the four precision standards are achieved to the extreme, can we create a good door and window that is beautiful and livable. The high-precision aluminum profile lays a solid foundation for the high cutting precision and high assembly precision of the profile. Make doors and windows more beautiful and beautiful.
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