Aluminum Industry|How to distinguish the quality of architectural aluminum alloy profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-08-01
1. Check the product delivery certificate, pay attention to the delivery date, specifications, technical conditions, company name and production license number.  2. Be sure to pay attention to the wall thickness of aluminum alloy profile products. The product thickness of door and window materials should not be less than 1.2mm.  3. Observe the surface condition of the product carefully. The product should be bright in color, good in gloss, and there should be no obvious scratches, bubbles and other defects on the surface. 4. Pay attention to the thickness of the surface coating of the product. The film thickness of anodized aluminum profile products is not less than 10μm, the film thickness of electrophoretic painted aluminum profile products is not less than 17μm, and the coating thickness of powder spraying does not exceed the range of 40-120μm. Fluorocarbon paint spray products should be above the second coating, not less than 30μm.   5. In daily maintenance, brushes and other hard objects cannot be used as cleaning tools, and soft cotton yarn and cotton cloth should be selected.  6. u200bu200bWater, detergent and soap can be used for cleaning, but other organic substances can not be used.  7. For users in coastal areas, it is best to choose electrophoretic painted aluminum profiles, powder sprayed aluminum profiles or fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum profiles with better corrosion resistance.
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