Aluminum Industry | Matters needing attention in aluminum rod production

by:Zeyi     2021-10-04
Thermal spraying technology is to improve the properties of the base material. It uses a certain heat source to melt the sprayed material and spray it onto the surface of the base material to form a variety of coatings. With the development of modern industry, more and more various industrial sectors require mechanical equipment to be able to operate under high parameters (such as high temperature, high pressure, high speed, high automation) and harsh working conditions (such as severe wear and corrosion, etc.) for a long time. Stable operation, therefore, it is necessary to improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and heat resistance of the material surface. It is obviously uneconomical and sometimes even impossible to manufacture overall equipment and parts with high-grade alloy materials to achieve the purpose of surface protection and surface strengthening. Therefore, research and development of material surface treatment technology has great technical and economic significance. . As a new surface protection and surface strengthening process, thermal spraying technology has been developed rapidly in the past ten years. Thermal spraying technology has developed from the early preparation of general protective coatings to the preparation of various functional coatings. From product maintenance to mass product manufacturing, from a single coating to a thermal spray system including product failure analysis, surface pretreatment, spray material and equipment selection, coating system design and coating addition Engineering: And this transformation started from the aerospace industry, which has the most demanding conditions and requirements, and then quickly expanded to the civil industry sector.
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