Aluminum Industry provides you with detailed explanation of the color conductive oxidation process of industrial aluminum

by:Zeyi     2021-04-30
In recent years, my country's aluminum profile industry has developed relatively fast technology for the surface treatment of industrial aluminum profile. At this stage, there are many mature and developing aluminum anodizing processes. We are choosing the surface Coloring technology can be selected according to actual production needs. After the industrial aluminum profile material is processed by the conductive oxidation process, the oxide film has good conductivity. When we perform the conductive oxidation process, we can find that the color of the surface film layer of pure aluminum looks more elegant, and the surface of the industrial aluminum material has a shallow surface. And the uniform fine lines, at present, have very good application prospects and promotion value. When conducting the conductive oxidation process of industrial aluminum profile, the operation is simple and the adsorption is relatively strong, but before the color conductive oxidation process of aluminum, we need to pay special attention to the pretreatment. In the pretreatment process, the pretreatment must be selected according to the actual situation of the workpiece surface The process method is more conducive to the quality of the oxide film.

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