Aluminum industry: sliding door series, moderate width, light luxury and fashion, high cost performance

by:Zeyi     2021-07-30
40 series sliding door profiles have a wall thickness of 2.0/3.0mm and a fan width of 65mm.    Light, luxury and simplicity are the prevailing decoration styles. The styles of aluminum alloy doors and windows are also innovated and adjusted accordingly. The door and window products are continuously innovated and upgraded from the outside to the inside, especially It is a sliding door profile, which is welcomed by the market.  1. The width of the fan is moderate. The width of the fan is 65mm, and the thickness of the front and back direction is 40mm. The width of 65 is neither narrow nor wide, but moderate, between the conventional sliding door 80mm and the narrow side 42mm, visually there is a sense of fashion and luxury. 2. Thickness 2.0/3.0   There are two thicknesses of 2.0 and 3.0mm, 2.0mm is cost-effective, suitable for kitchens, balconies and other occasions, if the glass area is relatively large, or the balcony is not sealed in the upper floors, you can use 3.0mm wall thickness, To increase strength.  3. Various colors, covering wood grain and metallic colors.    The 40 series are rich in various colors, including: porcelain swimming black, porcelain swimming ash, starry sky brown, metal gray, ivory white, skin forest wood, to meet a variety of needs. The launch of the    series of profiles will promote the aluminum alloy doors and windows industry to advance in innovation. Welcome all customers to consult!
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