Aluminum manufacturers tell you what is a breathing curtain wall?

by:Zeyi     2022-02-09
Breathing curtain wall, also known as double-layer curtain wall, double-layer ventilated curtain wall, hot aisle curtain wall, etc. It is composed of inner and outer curtain walls. The inner and outer curtain walls form a relatively closed space. Air can enter or leave this space from a lower air inlet. From the upper air outlet, this space is often in a state of airflow, and heat flows in this space. The breathing curtain wall is composed of two glass curtain walls inside and outside. Compared with the traditional curtain wall, its biggest feature is that a ventilation layer is formed between the inner and outer curtain walls. Due to the circulation or circulation of the air in the exchange layer, the temperature of the inner curtain wall is close to the indoor temperature, and the temperature difference is reduced. Compared with traditional curtain wall heating, energy saving is 42% and 52%, and cooling energy saving is 38%≤60%. In addition, the use of double-layer curtain wall greatly improves the sound insulation effect of the entire curtain wall. According to the structure of the ventilation layer, the breathing curtain wall is divided into a closed internal circulation system and an open external circulation system. 1. Breathing curtain wall with closed internal circulation system. Closed internal circulation system breathing curtain wall is generally used in severe winter areas. In principle, its outer layer is completely enclosed. It is generally composed of broken thermal profiles and hollow glass composed of outer glass curtain walls. It is generally composed of a single-layer glass curtain wall or window opening to clean the exterior wall. The ventilation layer between the two curtain walls is generally 100-200 mm. The ventilation layer is connected with the exhaust pipe of the HVAC system set on the ceiling to form a bottom-up forced air circulation. Indoor air enters the gas exchange layer through the ventilation outlet at the lower part of the internal glass, so that the temperature of the indoor curtain wall glass reaches or approaches the indoor temperature, thereby forming superior temperature conditions and achieving energy-saving effects. Adjustable blinds or curtains are set in the passage, which can effectively adjust the sunlight and create a more comfortable environment for the interior. 2. The breathing curtain wall of the open external circulation system The breathing curtain wall of the open external circulation system is opposite to the closed breathing curtain wall. The outer layer of the curtain wall is a glass curtain wall composed of a single layer of glass and non-cut thermal profiles, and the inner layer is a curtain wall composed of insulating glass and thermal cut profiles. Both ends of the ventilation layer formed by the inner and outer curtain walls are equipped with air intake and exhaust devices, and 100 pages of sun-shading devices can be installed in the passage. In winter, the intake and exhaust ports at both ends of the ventilation layer are closed. Under sunlight, the temperature of the air in the gas exchange layer rises to form a greenhouse, which effectively increases the temperature of the internal glass and reduces the heating cost of the building. In summer, the air temperature of the gas exchange layer rises and floats under the sun, forming a bottom-up airflow. Due to the chimney effect, the heat in the channel is eliminated, the temperature of the inner glass surface is reduced, and the cooling cost is reduced. In addition, by controlling the intake and exhaust ports and designing the inner curtain wall structure, the purpose of delivering fresh air from the ventilation layer to the room can be achieved, thereby optimizing the ventilation quality of the building. It can be seen that the 'open external circulation system breathing curtain wall' not only has the advantages of the 'closed internal circulation system' breathing curtain wall in terms of shading, sound insulation, etc., it is more prominent in terms of comfort and energy saving, and provides natural ventilation for high-rise and super high-rise buildings. Possibly, so as to maximize the user's physical and psychological requirements.
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