Aluminum profile application

by:Zeyi     2021-07-09
1. Radiator aluminum profile    aluminum alloy is widely used in radiators because of its light weight, beautiful appearance, good thermal conductivity and easy processing. The radiator profiles mainly include flat and wide type, sunflower type, comb type, round and branch type. 6063 alloy is currently the most widely used alloy model on radiators. Aluminum radiator profiles are widely used in the field of electronic equipment. Especially in the field of communications launch and new energy applications. 2. Aerospace aluminum profiles 2xxx series and 7xxx series aluminum alloys are mainly used for making aircraft wing upper panels, beams, stringers and propellers because of their corrosion resistance, ultra-high strength and good thermal processing properties. , Rocket forged rings and spaceship siding are no exception. 3. Transportation (rail vehicle)    uses aluminum profile car body with light weight, high sealing and high corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in rail vehicles, such as subways, elevated railways and cities with a speed of not less than 200km/h. International railway and so on.    4, transportation (refrigerated container)    aluminum profiles mainly include 6061, 6082, 6005, 6063, and 6060 alloys. Among them, 6061 and 6082 aluminum alloys are widely used in the floor, connectors, and cold air door frame of transportation vehicles. 5. Aluminum profiles for ships Aluminum profiles are mainly used for high-speed ships, marine patrol boats, sailing boats and car-passenger ferries, etc. The application parts include ship sides, bottom outer plates, keels, decks and engine seats, etc. The main alloys include 5083, 5A01 , 5A30 and 6082 series. 6. Building materials (furniture, doors and windows)    industrial aluminum profile profiles have a wide range of applications, suitable for home furniture such as coffee tables, sofas, wardrobes and cabinets, doors and windows and high-rise curtain wall construction, etc. 7. Aluminum profiles for medical equipment and advertising display aluminum profiles for medical equipment It is mainly 6061 alloy. This alloy meets the requirements of light weight, high performance and strength and corrosion resistance. It is mostly used in wheelchairs, stretchers, nursing beds and medical companion chairs, etc.;    major advertising display aluminum profiles are mainly due to their It has many characteristics such as light weight, easy to carry, convenient disassembly and assembly, novel appearance and diverse styles.     Guangdong Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd. is an aluminum profile manufacturer that produces high-quality aluminum profiles. You need to know more information about aluminum profiles, please pay attention
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