Aluminum profile assembly line protective fence price

by:Zeyi     2021-05-27
The price of a customized set of aluminum profile assembly line protection fence ranges from several hundred to several thousand yuan. The profile specifications, panel types, connection methods, etc. used by each company are different, which causes the price difference. What is the price of the aluminum profile assembly line protective fence? The profile manufacturer will calculate the specific price according to the purchase list provided by the customer. Therefore, it is wrong to know the price without providing a list. The price of the assembly line fence u003d profile price + accessory price + accessory material price + processing price + logistics cost. Among them, the factors affecting the price of profiles are: specifications, meter weight and number of meters. The larger the specification, the heavier the meter, and the more meters, the higher the price. The unit price of the profile ranges from 15 to 200 yuan, and the calculated price difference is still relatively large. The influencing factors of the price of accessories are the material and quantity. If you want to compare corner pieces and connecting plates, one is die-cast aluminum alloy and the other is galvanized steel. Obviously, die-cast aluminum alloy is more expensive than galvanized steel. If the guardrail has more interfaces, the number of accessories used will be more, and the price will naturally be higher. The price of accessories refers to the types of panels used. The prices of acrylic panels, sheet metal parts and aluminum-plastic panels are different, and the number of panels will also affect the overall price. Processing price is optional, processing includes cutting, drilling, tapping, installation and so on. Cutting is generally free; drilling and tapping are generally used for internal connection; if installation is not required, there is no cost. If an external connection is used for the assembly line protection fence, there is no need for processing and no processing costs will be incurred. The logistics cost is optional, and the customer does not need to charge for it. The cost of the special car, the distance, the quantity, etc., will all affect the logistics cost. The above is the introduction to the price of the aluminum assembly line protection fence. If you want to know the price of the assembly line protection fence you made, you can come to consult. 16 years of industry experience, spot direct sales, affordable prices, welcome to consult.
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