Aluminum profile expertise: the history of aluminum curtain wall development

by:Zeyi     2021-07-18
China’s aluminum alloy doors and windows and aluminum curtain wall industries started in the late 1970s. The application and development of aluminum alloy curtain walls in construction has gone from scratch, from imitation to self-development, and from undertaking the construction of small projects. To undertake large-scale engineering projects, from the production and construction of low-end products to the production of high-tech products, due to the excellent processing performance of the metal sheet, the variety of colors and the good safety, it can fully adapt to the design of various complex shapes, and can be increased at will Concave and protruding lines, and can process various forms of curved lines, give architects a huge space to play and are favored, so it has achieved rapid development.   One. Types of surface materials used in metal curtain walls    The surface materials used in metal curtain walls mainly include the following types: aluminum composite panels, single-layer aluminum panels, aluminum honeycomb panels, fire-resistant panels, and titanium zinc plastics. The aluminum composite panel is composed of a 0.5mm thick aluminum plate sandwiched between a 2-5mm thick polyethylene or rigid polyethylene foamed board. The surface of the board is coated with a fluorocarbon resin coating to form a tough and stable The film layer, adhesion and durability are very strong, and the color is also rich. The back of the board is coated with polyester paint to prevent possible corrosion. Aluminum composite panel is a commonly used panel material in the early appearance of metal curtain walls.  Aluminum plates are often 2.5mm-3mm thick aluminum alloy plates. The surface of the single-layer aluminum plate for the exterior curtain wall is the same as the front coating material of the aluminum composite plate, and the film layer has the same toughness, stability, adhesion and durability. Single-layer aluminum panels are another common panel material for metal curtain walls after aluminum composite panels, and more and more applications are used. The honeycomb aluminum panel is a composite material made of two aluminum panels with a honeycomb core material bonded between them. According to the use function and durability requirements of the curtain wall, honeycomb aluminum panels with thicknesses of 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm can be selected respectively. The aluminum honeycomb panel with a thickness of 10mm should be made of 1mm front aluminum panel and 0.5-0.8mm thick back aluminum alloy panel and aluminum honeycomb. For the honeycomb aluminum panel with a thickness of more than 10mm, the thickness of the aluminum alloy panel on the front and back should be the same. 1mm, the honeycomb aluminum panel for curtain wall is aluminum honeycomb panel.   Fireproof board and titanium zinc plastic will not be described one by one here. If you want to know more about metal aluminum curtain wall, please call:
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