Aluminum profile extends to the direction of all-aluminum home customization

by:Zeyi     2021-07-11
The application scope of aluminum in the home furnishing field has gradually evolved from simple door and window production to all-aluminum home furnishing. Doors and windows can be made of aluminum alloy or half-aluminum and half-wood. They can be made into push-pull, open-close, or foldable. The color and shape are the same as those of luxury wooden doors and stainless steel anti-theft doors. Even the carvings above can also be expressed by die-casting. As for the hardness and firmness, it is not inferior. In addition, due to the addition of heat insulation strips, sound insulation strips and honeycomb nests in the aluminum hollow, the heat insulation, sound insulation and moisture-proof effects of aluminum alloy doors and windows are better than ordinary wooden doors and stainless steel doors.   Wardrobes, cabinets and other household items have also become popular to use aluminum to make frames or panels. Even decorative panels such as marble and ceramic tiles on the walls can also be replaced by imitation stone aluminum panels. Imitated stone aluminum plate can not only imitate the texture of marble and granite, but also imitate the texture of various rare stone species such as travertine, permeated jade and colored stone. According to industry insiders, with the advent of the low-carbon era, aluminum with high-quality, light-weight materials and high recycling rates has more and more obvious advantages in environmental protection and energy saving, and with the large-scale application and maturity of various modern technologies, Replacing the increasingly scarce wood and stone with aluminum has become a popular trend in the field of home decoration.
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