Aluminum profile manufacturers' cleaning and precautions for aluminum

by:Zeyi     2021-07-14
1. Cleaning of aluminum materials by aluminum profile manufacturers: cleaning agent characteristics 1. Acid-free: Compared with acid-type cleaners, it is less dangerous and safe for aluminum materials;   2, strong: the effect is rapid, only 3-5 minutes, The aluminum can be cleaned, reducing the waiting time;   3, the generated foam can be attached to the vertical surface, reducing waste, making cleaning more effective;   4, economical: it can be diluted with water 25 times;   5, easy to use: spray washing The method does not require external forces such as heating and stirring, saving manpower and time;   6, no burning, suitable for various occasions. The scope of application of aluminum profiles: trucks, industrial aluminum profile profiles, buses, refrigerated vehicles, motor vehicles, aluminum trailers, aluminum ships, aluminum scaffolds, building engineering components, unpolished wheels, air-conditioning coils and heat sinks Wait.   2. Precautions for cleaning aluminum profiles:   a, alkaline, do not touch the skin for a long time during use;   b, not suitable for paint finishes. Polished or electroplated aluminum surfaces and finished automobile surfaces;   c. When cleaning old equipment or heavily rusted surfaces, pay attention to check for leaks;
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