Aluminum profile mold design details

by:Zeyi     2021-05-28
Most aluminum profile molds are not very complicated to design, but it is often some small details that cause repeated revisions of drawings, or mold rework, or even scrap. This article writes about some small details that should be paid attention to in the design process. I have encountered some problems in designing for so many years. Some problems have appeared repeatedly, I have suffered a lot of scolding from the master, and some mistakes have even caused the scrapping of the mold. I have fined a lot of money, so I used it from beginning to end. 'Lessons of blood' to remind everyone! 1. The details of the shrinkage diagram: 1. The shrinkage rate is incorrectly placed or not 2. The tolerance amount is incorrectly calculated 3. The wall thickness dimension of the missing standard 2. The details of the shunt hole design drawing: 1. The size of the feed inlet is incorrectly designed. 2. The pin position and screw hole design is unreasonable. 3. Forgetting to design the process hole or the design of the process hole is unreasonable. 4. Forgot to design the quenching hole for the upper mold of the splitter. 3. The design details of the rear empty knife 1. The empty tool forgets the mirror image. 2. The rear empty tool with a small cantilever does not mill sink. 4. The most common details of the working belt design are the missing mark length and the excessive transition drop. All transitions must be smooth. As shown in the figure below: 5. Mould structure design details 1. Mold thickness calculation error 2. Discharge direction design error 'The world must be done carefullyIn addition to having flexible design skills and clear design ideas, engineers must also have design details that are not leaking to 'eliminate' errors and loopholes in the office, which not only reduces the burden on the manufacturing staff, but also saves the company from rework. the cost of!
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