Aluminum profile products must be green and environmentally friendly

by:Zeyi     2021-07-17
At present, the environmental protection awareness of the people of our country is continuously increasing. The government has strengthened environmental protection control for national manufacturing enterprises, actively organized environmental protection inspection teams to increase corporate control, and suspended production for rectification of enterprises that did not meet environmental protection standards.   Therefore, the aluminum profile industry has been severely affected. The 2nd National Wood Window Industry Summit Forum and Innovation Achievement Exhibition was held in Shanghai. The meeting clearly pointed out that my country's construction aluminum profile industry has a significant increase in the proportion of energy consumption in my country's industrial production, ranking first. The meeting also clearly stated that in order to achieve a healthy development path of green and environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction of aluminum profile products for construction, the serious problems of energy consumption and environmental pollution in the production of aluminum construction in my country must be solved, and energy saving and consumption reduction and green development must be sought. Examples: Zhongwang Group, Fenglu Aluminum, Jianmei Aluminum, etc. All of them have made great improvements and technological breakthroughs on the original basis, fully combined with the requirements of modern environmental protection, and constantly innovated in the original product research and development, and moved the aluminum profile products closer to the green building in order to better Adapting to the requirements of contemporary environmental protection, it is sought after by modern people for high-quality life.
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