Aluminum recycling

by:Zeyi     2021-06-07
Aluminum has good characteristics (small density, good plasticity and formability), and it is also one of the most important non-ferrous metal varieties. And easy to recycle. Aluminum is pure aluminum and aluminum alloy has become an important basic material in home appliances. It is widely used in heating parts and conductive parts of home appliances. The recycling of scrap aluminum has become the most important part of the recycling of non-ferrous metals, and its energy consumption and recycling costs are much lower than those of primary aluminum production (about 10%). China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Recycling Metal Branch has organized multiple training courses on secondary aluminum smelting technology across the country since 2001, with good results.   The following takes the waste aluminum recycling process and equipment of the Koclade Aluminum Scrap Aluminum Recycling Plant of Almax Aluminum Corporation of the United States as an example to introduce the recycling process of waste aluminum.  U.S. Alomax Aluminum Co., Ltd. Coclad Scrap Aluminum Recycling Plant uses waste curtain wall aluminum profiles, store facade profiles, door and window waste and waste profiles as raw materials, and after recycling, casts them into ingots for extruding building profiles. This kind of waste aluminum is called polluted waste aluminum, which mainly refers to the waste aluminum containing a certain amount of organic coating or organic inclusions. The company's waste aluminum recycling process represents the current direction of the world's waste aluminum recycling. The main reason is that the entire process basically achieves harmless and clean production. At the same time, scrap aluminum can be directly made into high-quality 6063 alloy ingots after being cast by this set of production equipment, which is representative.
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