Aluminum: The application prospects of aluminum in many fields are becoming brighter

by:Zeyi     2021-06-29
The sales volume of aluminum is increasing, and it has gradually replaced copper. In recent years, the replacement of aluminum with copper has become a hot spot for material substitution in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry. With the maturity of technology, the addition of alloy aluminum piping and accessories with air-conditioning and refrigeration pipe cost savings of more than 30%, anti-corrosion, ductility, heat exchange efficiency and other properties Competitive advantages such as further improvement of indicators have made the application prospects of aluminum-substitution copper in the field of air-conditioning increasingly clear. Moreover, the current macroeconomic downturn, export growth slowing down and insufficient domestic demand, and the country's environment to encourage energy saving and consumption reduction have further promoted the development of air-conditioning Demand for alloy aluminum pipe products. The aluminum fin heat exchanger is a new type of heat exchange component used in refrigeration equipment with aluminum alloy as the material. As an alternative to copper, it is not only low in cost, but also in high efficiency, energy saving, and energy saving due to innovation in product structure. Environmental protection has more advantages than copper. Experts in the large air-conditioning and refrigeration market believe that it is an inevitable trend for aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers to replace traditional fin heat exchangers.  Air-conditioning and refrigeration market experts said that if you want to increase the amount of fresh air in the air-conditioning system, it is also required to increase the exhaust air volume in the room. In summer, cooling and heating adjustment in winter, there will be a relatively large difference in heat and humidity between fresh air and exhaust air. The use of aluminum fin heat exchangers can recover these heat. When the equipment processes fresh air, the energy consumed will naturally decrease, which can improve the air quality in the air-conditioning room while reducing energy consumption. The energy consumed when dealing with fresh air can basically be reduced by about 65%. The application of aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers not only achieves energy saving and emission reduction, but also improves the quality of the same period and promotes the development of energy-saving air conditioners. As one of the backing materials of aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers, central air-conditioning has also greatly improved its market capacity.  According to statistics, the scale of the domestic heat exchanger industry has exceeded 100 billion yuan, which undoubtedly provides a broader development space for the heat exchanger industry. In the future, the domestic market demand puts forward higher requirements for product quality. Environmentally-friendly and energy-saving aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers will also replace traditional heat exchangers as the focus of future development, and the development prospects are very broad.
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