Analysis of existing problems in China's aluminum rolling material industry

by:Zeyi     2021-05-14
Aluminum rolled materials refer to aluminum alloy materials formed by aluminum ingots (aluminum alloy ingots or strips) through rolling and other processes (a method of rolling deformation). China is the largest country in the production of aluminum rolled products in Asia. In 2010, my country's total output of aluminum sheet, strip and foil was about 7.18 million tons, and the total output in 2018 was 14.4 million tons, a compound growth rate of 9.09%. It is predicted that the output of aluminum rolled products in my country in 2020 will reach 15.8 million tons.  Aluminum rolled steel industry development dilemma  (1) Unreasonable enterprise scale structure   The regional distribution of aluminum rolled steel companies in China is relatively reasonable and concentrated in economically developed areas, but the enterprise scale structure appears unreasonable and the average scale is relatively small. Most of our country's small and medium-sized enterprises have extensive production and operation, use outdated technology and equipment, are not highly intensive in production, and have weak anti-risk capabilities. The structural contradictions in the development of the aluminum foil product manufacturing industry are not conducive to the improvement of the overall competitiveness of the industry. (2) The overall technical level of the industry is insufficient, resulting in insufficient production capacity of high-end aluminum rolled products. In recent years, the total output of aluminum rolled products in my country has risen rapidly, but the proportion of products with high technical content and added value is still low, and domestic production is possible. The number of high-end industrial aluminum profile rolled steel producers is still small, and many products still need to be imported in large quantities from abroad. The overall technological innovation capability of the industry needs to be improved.  (3) Export faces trade barriers   With the rapid development of my country's aluminum rolled products, a large number of aluminum sheet, strip and foil products are exported to various countries and regions around the world. Some countries practice trade protectionism, which has caused some international trade barriers.  Development prospects of the aluminum rolled material industry  (1) Support of industrial policies  As an important basic material of the national economy, aluminum rolled material is strongly supported by relevant industrial policies. On the one hand, since 2005, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, industry associations and other departments and organizations have successively issued a number of special plans and industrial development adjustment outlines for the aluminum rolling processing industry to support the development of the industry, especially the aluminum rolling material industry. Encourage the optimization of the industry product structure and encourage the research and development and production of deep-processed products; on the other hand, the state has issued a series of policy documents to accelerate the industrialization of new energy vehicles, vigorously supporting the healthy and rapid development of China's new energy vehicles and power battery industries , Bringing new development opportunities for the aluminum rolled steel industry. (2) The growth of downstream industries provides a broad market space for aluminum rolled products. With the steady growth of the national economy, the increase in investment in fixed assets, and the acceleration of urbanization, the disposable income of residents continues to increase. Consumer industries such as air-conditioning will continue to maintain steady growth. The continuous growth of these industries provides a broad market space for aluminum rolled products. (3) Energy conservation and emission reduction have promoted a new round of development of aluminum rolled products. The State Council issued the 'Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission ReductionThe overall goal of energy conservation and emission reduction has been put forward by the state, prompting automobile manufacturers to regard energy efficiency and lightness of transportation as industrial design requirements. Aluminum sheet, strip and foil is a new energy-saving material, which has the characteristics of light weight and high strength, which is beneficial to reduce the weight of vehicles and reduce exhaust emissions. The consumption of China's aluminum rolled products in the field of transportation is relatively low, and the future market space is particularly broad. (4) Continuous improvement of production level. During the rapid development of the aluminum rolling material industry, some enterprises seized the opportunity to introduce advanced equipment and control systems, increase technical investment, improve the technical content of products, and keep abreast of market trends in a timely manner. Carry out improvements, develop new products, improve the profitability and competitiveness of the company, establish a dominant position, and gradually become an advanced enterprise in the field of aluminum sheet, strip and foil in the domestic and even the world. Source: China Commercial Industry Research Institute
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