Analysis of the reasons for the popularity of aluminum photovoltaic brackets

by:Zeyi     2021-06-15
Nowadays, aluminum photovoltaic brackets are becoming more and more popular, gradually replacing stainless steel and iron brackets. There are many photovoltaic brackets on the market, and many customers will have questions when choosing, such as the corrosion resistance of photovoltaic brackets? How stable? Inconvenient installation? These problems will change with the use of aluminum alloy profiles. It's not that important anymore. So do you know what are the reasons for the popularity of aluminum profile photovoltaic supports? Let me explain to you in detail below. From the appearance point of view, after the surface of the profile is anodized, an oxide film will be formed to reduce the contact between air and the surface of the profile, thus having an anti-corrosion effect. In addition to anodic oxidation, the surface treatment of profiles also includes spraying, frosting, etc., with a wide range of applications. From the perspective of processing methods, the processing methods of profiles are diversified, so naturally their cross-sections will also be diversified. Aluminum alloy can be extruded or bent. Extrusion is the original traditional production method, but now there are many other methods, which can accelerate the production speed, thereby shorten the construction period, complete the assembly and put it into use . From the perspective of maintenance cost, the profile does not need to be maintained in the later stage, nor does it need to be painted, and the maintenance cost is low. The personnel do not need to deliberately check regularly, reducing the investment of manpower, material resources and time. From the perspective of installation methods, the installation methods adopted by the aluminum profiles are all connected by accessories, without punching, and assembly and disassembly are convenient. And there are various connection methods, you can choose the internal connection method or the external connection method to meet the different needs of customers. From the standpoint of stability, although the aluminum profile photovoltaic bracket is connected by accessories, the connection strength is high, and it is not affected by the environment. It is strong and has a long use time and good stability. The above is the content mentioned above. If you need to customize the aluminum profile photovoltaic support, you can ask for advice. Can be customized, we provide drawing and design solutions, welcome to consult.
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