Analysis of the rework problem of industrial aluminum powder spraying

by:Zeyi     2021-05-05
In the production process of powder coating, Guangdong industrial aluminum profile will be reworked due to various reasons. For example, improper operation by employees in the powder coating workshop will cause some quality defects on the surface of Guangdong industrial aluminum profile. Therefore, it is necessary to go through rework to reach the qualified standard after removing the surface for treatment, but rework not only reduces the work efficiency but also increases the production cost. Then we will take a look with the editor of the aluminum industry today to see the reasons for the respray. . 1. There are particles on the surface. There are many reasons for particles after spraying. Aluminum chips, dust, high-temperature burrs and powder coking particles on the surface of the substrate will form particles on the surface of the profile coating after spraying and curing. 2. The profile reveals the bottom. Powder reasons, equipment operation reasons, etc. will cause the bottom of the profile. 3. The film thickness is not enough. Insufficient film thickness can sometimes coexist with the exposed bottom of the profile. However, some powders are well covered. Although the film thickness is not enough, the bottom will not be exposed. This kind of exposed bottom can only be found in normal inspection. 4. The powder variegation is mainly caused by unfamiliar operation of the equipment or improper inspection of the powder recovery technique. The improper production of the spray room isolation room causes excessive wind through the bore. Powder variegation will also appear when multiple spraying lines are close to each other. The phenomenon. 5. The finished product is rubbed and scratched. Rework due to scratches and scratches is a common reason for rework in spraying workshops. This reason is caused by the inadequate protection of the profiles during the material turnover process. Moreover, rework due to scratches and scratches is the last thing that should happen. The above is the analysis on the rework problem of Guangdong industrial aluminum profile powder coating. If you want to know more, please pay attention to the official website of Aluminum Industry!

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