Analysis on the Causes of Glass Spontaneous Explosion in Aluminum Composite Panel Metal Curtain Wall

by:Zeyi     2021-11-01
The poor quality of the glass itself is one of the reasons for the glass spontaneous explosion, such as poor flatness of the glass, uneven thickness, bubble slag in the glass, etc. The door and window curtain wall is composed of a panel and a supporting structure system (supporting device and supporting system), and the main structure Compared with a certain displacement or deformation ability, it does not bear the effect of the main structure. Under the sunlight and uneven heat, the doors, windows and curtain walls will cause self-destruction. When cutting glass manually, the edges of the cut glass must be lubricated and straight. Edge chipping, tooth edge, corner chipping and other defects are not allowed. Ensure that the surrounding glass does not lose energy, otherwise it is easy to cause spontaneous explosion points at the defects of the glass edge. In order to reduce the hard-to-hard contact, the lower end of the glass cannot directly fall on the aluminum alloy frame, otherwise the glass will easily explode under thermal expansion. There should be an elastic fixed gasket under the glass, which should be placed separately at 1/4 of the edge of the glass, at least two gaskets, the number of gaskets should be determined according to the width of the glass. Make the glass make elastic contact under the aluminum frame, and the glass can expand and contract freely when it expands and shrinks, reducing spontaneous explosion. At the same time, the glass should be sealed with elastic data. There should be a gap of about 4≤7mm between the glass and the aluminum frame. Do not touch it directly, and the gaps should be even. The glass perimeter and the aluminum frame are sealed with elastic glass sealant, which is better than the hard tape inlay on the inner and outer sides of the glass edge and the gap between the aluminum frame and the glass edge. In fact, many large areas of glass are inlaid too tightly because of the use of hard tape around the glass, and the glass explodes on its own due to thermal stress. The glass-inlaid aluminum frame cannot guarantee the accuracy. The aluminum frame has uneven distortion, bending deformation, and the tortuous force of the glass, which may easily cause thermal stress to explode. The installation of glass must strictly meet the construction standards. The choice of glass thickness is very important, not only considering wind load, but also thermal stress. The building curtain wall is composed of a supporting structure system and panels, which can have a certain displacement capacity relative to the main structure, and does not share the external protective structure or decorative structure of the main structure. The curtain wall is composed of a structural frame and inlaid panels, and does not bear the load and action of the main structure. If the glass area is large and the thickness is small, the glass is resistant to tortuous and heat-resistant stress, so it is easy to explode by itself. The glass thickness of the glass curtain wall must be selected through calculation, and the force of the glass in the same area of u200bu200bthe low-rise and high-rise is very different. In particular, the coefficient of thermal expansion of the coated glass is much longer than that of a single glass, and the thermal stress is more obvious. Some manufacturers and designers do not consider the thermal stress in the calculation of the glass, which causes the glass to explode spontaneously. The correlation between the thickness and aspect ratio of individual coated glass and the maximum area, some coated glass manufacturers give a
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