Analysis on the Causes of Orange Peel Defects on the Surface of Aluminum Profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-06-09
The characteristics of orange peel defects on the surface of aluminum profiles reflect:    Sometimes orange peel-shaped wrinkles appear on the surface of aluminum profiles after stretching. In fact, this is the surface metal fragmentation (grain crushing) generated when the surface metal of the aluminum profile is stressed more than the base metal. After the force is applied, the stress will go from the surface to the inside until the matrix breaks.  The cause of the orange peel defect on the surface of aluminum profile:   The cause of the orange peel defect on the surface of general aluminum profile is that the amount of stretch is too large when the aluminum profile is stretched. Generally speaking, the thicker the wall, the shorter the length of the profile. In order to ensure the straightness of the profile and prevent twisting, it is more likely to occur when the stretch is artificially increased.  The method to eliminate the defects of orange peel on the surface of aluminum profile:   (1), strengthen the mold for the flexible and twisted aluminum profile, and control the straightness of the aluminum profile. (2) Increase the traction when the aluminum extrusion is still hot, and use corrective measures such as topping and pressing on the hot profile on the discharge table (pay attention to prevent deformation of the profile)    (3), control the stretch rate of the aluminum profile, In order to ensure the surface quality and the straightness, strictly control the bending degree within the upper limit required by the customer during stretching.   (four), control the stretch rate of aluminum profile, in order to ensure the straightness and take into account the surface quality, more cut off the deformation at both ends of the profile stretch and stop printing.
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