Analysis on the characteristics of industrial aluminum profiles (construction aluminum templates)

by:Zeyi     2021-08-07
Aluminum formwork was first used in the United States, and it has been more than 50 years now. It has been widely used in Western developed countries, and Asian countries are also actively adopting it. However, the development and use of aluminum formwork in my country is still very short, and it has not been used on a large scale in construction.   In my country, there has been a trend of vigorous promotion in recent years, and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has also actively promoted the use of aluminum formwork for construction. For example, Vanke is the largest real estate developer using aluminum formwork in China. Due to the many advantages of aluminum formwork, almost all of Vanke's high-rise buildings use aluminum formwork systems. So what are the specific advantages of aluminum templates?   1. In the construction cycle, the use of aluminum formwork can speed up the construction cycle, and the construction and dismantling of the form is relatively quick. A set of aluminum formwork can be used to build one floor in 4 days. It can be constructed in an assembly line to improve efficiency and save costs;   2. Repeated use. Although aluminum alloy is light in weight, its hardness and strength are not worse than steel, and it is formed by one-time extrusion, so the aluminum template is rarely deformed. A set of aluminum template is reused More than 300 times is normal;   3, good stability, using aluminum formwork, all building wall construction forces are the same. Ensure the neatness of the walls;   4. Standards are universal. Except for a few personalized walls, aluminum formwork can be used in most places, and the same operations are used for all the relief of construction;   5. Recyclable, aluminum formwork After being scrapped, it can be recycled and used as a renewable material, which is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.   Of course, due to the high single-time purchase cost of aluminum templates, it is not cost-effective to purchase aluminum templates for some small contractors or when the number of uses is small, and leases can be used. Only in large-scale construction can the cost advantage of aluminum formwork be reflected, and those who use aluminum formwork have higher requirements for construction personnel, and they need to be trained to prevent accidents.  Guangdong provides various models and sizes of high-quality aluminum templates, welcome to inquire.
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