Analyze the influence of curtain wall design on architectural modeling design

by:Zeyi     2021-09-19
As the outer clothing of the building, the building of the facade has become an important element to measure the value of the building itself. As an important part of the construction of the external protection structure, the curtain wall has a huge influence on the construction of the facade. Therefore, the curtain wall planning is explored, and how the curtain wall planning affects the appearance of the facade construction. How to make the curtain wall planning Integrate with the building facade to reach the intention of making the building more beautiful. Exploring the influence of building facades and curtain wall planning Curtain wall planning has a huge impact on building facades. How to blend curtain wall planning and building facades to achieve the intention of making the buildings more beautiful. With the development of today’s construction industry, people pay more and more attention to the construction of facades. The construction of curtain walls also plays an increasingly important role in construction. Many different curtain wall structure methods are increasingly used. Build the decoration of the facade. As a decorative structure for building the periphery, the curtain wall can not only add the beauty of the building, but also can form a complete structural system with the panel and the supporting structure to make the system more stable. At the same time, it also has a certain displacement effect on the main organization. However, the curtain wall only bears the effect and the load on it, and cannot be in charge of the load and effect of the main structure, that is, the curtain wall is mainly a decorative effect, and has nothing to do with the load of the building. The content of the facade construction The construction of the facade with curtain wall' target='_blank'>aluminum profile is usually one of the primary manifestations of the appearance of the construction. To make the construction of the facade achieve the purpose of adding the value of the building, it is necessary to start with the discussion of the content of the construction of the facade. The content includes the internal construction of the facade and the planning effect of the construction of the facade. The exterior effect and use of cement pre-stressed plywood. The building facade refers to the touch interface between the building and the built external space, and the part that is shown to people. Under normal circumstances, building facades is often regarded as the external part of building everything except the roof, and in some cases, for example, the roof of the building with a specific geometric shape and the other than the roof of the building. The outer peripheral part shows strong continuity, making it very difficult to distinguish, so the roof can also be used as a component of the facade at this time. The planning effect of building facades. With the development of today's era, the expression methods of art tend to be diversified, which makes people's aesthetic level continue to improve, and the expression of facade building methods should also conform to the development of the times. The construction of the façade is the first impression given to people. Its quality directly affects people’s comments on the building. Therefore, the curtain wall planning for the construction of the façade has serious implications for the building. Its planning method and color are to attract people. An important part of the vision, and people's tolerance to it is an important element of the entire construction plan. Therefore, when planning the construction of the facade, it is necessary to pay attention to the beauty of the plan, the deployment of colors and the degree of people's tolerance, in order to make the planning of the construction of the facade more perfect and the social environment more harmonious. Curtain wall planning has a crucial effect on the construction of facade planning guidelines. Curtain wall planning has a crucial effect on the decoration of facades. To play its decorative effect, it needs to comply with chronological, regional, and mass standards, so that the curtain wall The combination of planning and construction of the facade makes the planning of the curtain wall more perfect, and the appearance of the construction of the facade is more perfect. When planning the construction of the facade, it is necessary to look for corresponding planning ideas based on the development of the age and from the development trend of the society, but also to go beyond the fashion, so that the appearance of the building is more accustomed to people's aesthetics, and the whole building More perfect. When implementing the construction of the facade plan, it is necessary to ensure the fashionable sense of the whole building and get used to the chronological criteria, so that the building can improve its own value and more in line with people's aesthetic level. Regional guidelines Each ethnic group’s construction has its own characteristics, and each locality has its own regional characteristics. The construction project needs to highlight the regional characteristics. Therefore, in the regional planning guidelines, the construction method, planning modeling, and light selection of the local area are the manifestations of construction. When implementing the construction of the facade plan, it should be unified with the local regional characteristics, and the local ethnic characteristics should be displayed as much as possible, so that people can find a sense of belonging in the building after the work, and complete the supply of the building to the people. Convenient task. The construction of the facade is the first impression that people are given. Therefore, characteristics should not be the primary consideration when planning the construction of the facade, and it must be fully integrated with the current social status, civilized trends and economic trends. planning. Curtain wall planners must fully consider people's aesthetic talents and the intention to integrate with society. From the people’s point of view, let the building facades be combined with people’s aesthetic requirements, so that the buildings can achieve the pleasing effect, and the building facades can be better integrated with the people, so that the buildings can be integrated with the people. The social environment is better integrated. The impact of the planning of the tomb wall on the planning of the construction of the facade. The construction of the curtain wall is a construction of the exterior protection structure that integrates construction characteristics, construction skills and construction art, which belongs to the high-end exterior decoration of the building. It combines color, light and shadow, and shape to form a variety of shapes for use in multi-layer construction. Modern curtain wall planning concepts and planning methods are emerging one after another, and curtain wall planning is becoming more and more important for the effect of building facade planning.
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