Anti-corrosion technology of industrial aluminum profile

by:Zeyi     2021-08-29
Aluminum profile is essentially a metal alloy material. In a suitable external environment, all metal materials will corrode, and aluminum alloy materials are no exception. profiles are widely used in modern industry, especially in automated assembly line production, which requires high corrosion protection technology for industrial aluminum profiles. Let’s take a look at the anti-corrosion technology of industrial aluminum profile profiles. Aluminum is not easy to corrode. At the same time, manufacturers who produce industrial aluminum profiles will also oxidize the surface of industrial aluminum profile profiles. The corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy profile is improved. The anodized aluminum profile can increase the service life of the aluminum profile to a certain extent, and at the same time improve the protection, decoration and functionality of the aluminum alloy profile. Protection: mainly refers to preventing the corrosion of aluminum profiles and protecting the appearance of aluminum profiles. Decoration: Mainly starting from the aesthetics, improving the appearance quality of industrial aluminum profile profiles, such as improving the metallic luster, coloring various colors, etc. Functionality: refers to increasing the surface hardness, wear resistance, electrical insulation, etc. of aluminum alloy profiles. The porous type of anodized film can also be used to impart electromagnetic and photoelectric functions to the surface. Although industrial aluminum profiles are water- and corrosion-resistant after anodic oxidation, they are in direct contact with uneven ground if they are in a humid environment for a long time. It will also cause the aluminum profile to wear out and the oxide film is damaged, which will cause the aluminum profile to become black and mildew. Therefore, store the aluminum profile in a dry and ventilated environment and avoid direct contact with the ground.
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