Any suppliers selling thin aluminium tube at ex-works price?
Zeyi Aluminum Co., Ltd. provides many types of pricing; EXW is included. If you choose an ex-works price, you have to arrange transportation all the way out of our warehouse to the final destination. And you are responsible for export process.

With so many years, Zeyi has been concentrating on the design and manufacture of special aluminium extrusions. We have gained extensive knowledge and expertise. Zeyi focuses on providing a variety of aluminium profile for medical for customers. The production of Zeyi aluminium profile for medical is eco-friendly and does not generate any water, air or noise pollution. And the cleaning process guarantees it is meticulously cleaned and free of dust and odor. It is widely used in the field of construction. The product ensures the long lifespan of the construction and makes the building capable of resisting damage caused due to different factors. It is widely used in the field of construction.

We are open to new ways of thinking and doing things, in order to create new possibilities for customers. We will always respond to unexpected challenges in a bold way to capture global strengths and achieve operational excellence.
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