Application of aluminum profile in the home furnishing field

by:Zeyi     2021-07-11
With the advent of the low-carbon era, aluminum profiles with excellent light weight materials and high recycling rates are developing rapidly. Here, aluminum profile manufacturers introduce you to the application of aluminum profiles in the home furnishing field. Aluminum profile has a wide range of applications in the door and window industry, from ordinary aluminum sliding doors and windows, to luxurious luxury doors, anti-theft doors, partition doors and other doors and windows are made of aluminum alloy. But now aluminum alloy is not only used in door and window processing, it is also used in frame or panel production. Aluminum profile manufacturers tell everyone that imitation stone aluminum profiles can also imitate the texture of marble, granite and other stones, with more diverse decorative styles, and more environmentally friendly and durable.
Aluminum industry guardrail series
Guardrails are suitable for indoor and outdoor stairs, balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows, automatic elevator openings, glass curtain wall guardrails and platforms, corridors, atrium race corridors, bridges, traffic road isolation, lakeside, riverbank, and upper people in civil and industrial buildings Roof guardrail, etc.  Features of guardrail:   1. It is easy and quick to make and install. The patented plug-in connection is adopted, which greatly improves the installation efficiency.  2. A wide variety of specifications, a variety of styles for you to choose, both European and American style and current fashion, full of noble and modern beauty.  3. It is safe, environmentally friendly and harmless to people (livestock). Even if the guardrail is touched accidentally, it will not hurt people like steel or iron guardrails.  4. The guardrail has sufficient strength and impact resistance.  5. The use of special spraying or oxidation, anti-ultraviolet, non-fading, non-yellowing, non-peeling, non-cracking, non-foaming, non-worm-eaten, and the service life of aluminum alloy guardrail can reach more than 60 years.  Aluminum alloy guardrail does not require painting and maintenance, long new and never old, avoiding the fatigue and trouble of maintenance, and achieving the lowest overall cost.
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