Application of extruded aluminum profile in automobile

by:Zeyi     2021-06-25
Extruded aluminum plays a very important role in electric vehicles. The battery system must be made of lightweight materials, which is more important than in other cars; it is a strong competitor for the manufacture of battery trays and cooling systems, as well as a good material for the manufacture of motor housings. Aluminum alloy profiles have a series of excellent characteristics, such as low density, high specific strength and specific rigidity, good elasticity, good impact resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, easy surface coloring, good processing and formability, and High recyclability, etc. Therefore, in the engineering field, aluminum has always been regarded as an 'opportunity metal' or 'hope metalAluminium alloy profiles are widely used in the automobile industry. No matter from the aspects of automobile manufacturing, automobile operation, scrap automobile recycling, etc., it brings huge economic and social benefits, and with the increase of automobile production and social ownership, this kind of The benefits will be more obvious. Because aluminum alloy extruded profiles can simply produce various profiles with complex cross-section structures that steel cannot produce, they have attracted attention as one of the effective means of automobile lightweight. Because of its light weight and good rigidity, extruded profiles are widely used in various parts of automobiles as structural materials. As the car body with aluminum alloy frame is much better than the steel car body in terms of weight reduction or rigidity comparison, it provides a good development space for the development of the all-aluminum body frame. The current new energy vehicles are mainly electric vehicles, and the battery energy density of electric vehicles is difficult to make a major breakthrough in the short term, which makes it difficult to reduce the weight of the battery. Therefore, lightweight body has become an inevitable choice. As a lightweight material, aluminum alloy will naturally usher in a good development opportunity. A good grasp of this policy will actively promote the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum alloy auto parts industry to the development of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, high-tech and high-quality.
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