Application of radiator aluminum products in different fields and industries

by:Zeyi     2021-05-31
With the spread of the radiator aluminum profile industry and the maturity of processing technology, especially the popularization of high-precision CNC machine tools, aluminum alloy products have now been used in all walks of life. Aluminum alloy has low density, good thermal and electrical conductivity, and aluminum products have good corrosion resistance and will not rust. And customized aluminum profiles have good ductility and machinability, and can be processed into a variety of shapes and models using modern CNC machining equipment. The fundamental way to improve mold quality: mold planning is an important step to improve mold quality. Many factors need to be considered, including the selection of mold materials, the availability and safety of mold structure, the machinability of mold parts and mold repair Convenience, these should be considered as thorough as possible at the beginning of planning. The mold making process of the radiator aluminum profile custom manufacturer is also an important part of ensuring the quality of the mold. The processing method and processing accuracy in the mold making process will also affect the service life of the mold. The accuracy of each part directly affects the overall equipment status of the mold. In addition to the accuracy of the equipment itself, it is necessary to improve the processing methods of the parts and improve the technical level of the fitter in the mold grinding process to improve the processing accuracy of the mold parts. At the same time, aluminum alloy is easy to anodize and color, electrophoresis, and spray surface treatment. Various colors can be customized according to requirements, such as the popular backplanes of mobile phones. 1. Circuit electrical appliances: aluminum core wires, motor rotors, circuit radiators, customized aluminum profiles. 2. Construction profession: As a profession that uses a lot of aluminum, it is mainly used in curtain wall glass, and general aluminum doors and windows, as well as some simple structural parts. 3. Consumer electronics occupations: all kinds of mobile power supply and inverter housings; mobile power supply housings; electronic cigarette housings; mobile phone backplanes; mobile phone frames; and advanced electronic products all use customized aluminum profiles as appearance materials. 4. Mechanical equipment production occupation: guide rail; modular linear guide rail; robot guide rail; various structural parts; connecting parts; cylinder shell. 5. Decoration and decoration occupations: screens; bathhouse accessories; decorative strip accessories;
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