Application scenarios of industrial aluminum profile frames

by:Zeyi     2021-07-31
profiles have been widely used in industrial production. In mechanical manufacturing and automated assembly line production, we usually use industrial aluminum profiles for products such as frames, protective covers, manipulators, linear motion modules, working platforms, and assembly line workbenches. Let's take a look at the application scenarios of industrial aluminum profile profile frames. 1. Robot workstation The robot workstation is an aluminum profile cabinet used with robots in the automated workshop. The main structure, like other aluminum profile frames, is assembled by connecting industrial aluminum profiles and aluminum profile accessories. The configuration of the robot workbench makes the robot work more secure and efficient. 2. Equipment protective fence Equipment protective fence, also called equipment fence, is a workshop facility to protect the safety of machinery and equipment. The main materials are industrial aluminum profile profiles and grid meshes, which can be connected and assembled with special accessories for aluminum profiles. The aluminum profile equipment guardrail can be fully handled by the aluminum profile manufacturer from design to processing and assembly. Custom-made equipment guardrails made of industrial aluminum profiles are anti-corrosive, wear-resistant, recyclable, assembled without welding, environmental protection and long service life. 3. Conveyor line workbench The aluminum profile conveyor line workbench is an assembly line multifunctional workbench with a belt conveyor line and the function of conveying materials that is always available in the production and processing workshop. The connecting parts on the workbench of the conveyor line are all special accessories for aluminum profiles, and the upper part of the workbench is also installed with LED lighting. In short, the conveyor line workbench can be customized on demand. The industrial aluminum profile frame is easy to construct, has the characteristics of modularization and multi-functionality. It can quickly construct an ideal mechanical equipment coat without complicated design and processing. It has become an important part of Industry 4.0. 16 years of focusing on custom processing services for aluminum profiles, professional and trustworthy!
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